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About Me

I am a Full Stack Web Developer. I have over 12 years experience in Web Development and Software Engineering. My Tech Stack includes:  PHP, Laravel MySQL and Python. For Front End, I code in HTML5, CSS, (Bootstrap and LESS) jQuery and Vue.JS. I use Project Management tools like Jira, Trello, Git, etc.

Green Juices
Green Juices

My Past Projects

You will see Excellence and Professionalism in what I do

An online news forum to unite Blue Communities (cities, villages, universities, schools, companies, NGOs, faith-based organisations , trade unions, etc.), a network with a self-declaration (commitment) to promote the human right to water and sanitation and to oppose privatization and commodification of water and its services.


An online meeting place and e-portal system for Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) stakeholders in Nigeria to meet up and share information. This project was built using PHP's Laravel Framework, Front end was finished using Vue.Js, HTML , jQuery and Bootstrap CSS. 

This web application includes a blog, chart pages, forum, market place (ecommerce) and a Google Map for the office location.

On this page, users can interact, comment, drop reviews, etc.



Hotview is a Property listing website for Short Lets, Hotel Bookings, Sales and Rent for Properties in Nigeria. 

This web application was done using Wordpress. PHP and MySQL as the backend, and HTML, JS (jQuery), LESS as the frontend.

The Wordpress themes are customized according to client taste. Likewise we utilized native wordpress plugins, customized plugins and custom code.



Explore popular places in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. Popular places such as clubs,  sights, happenings, events, cafe, bars, etc.

This site was put up using Wordpress and front end tools such as html, css, js, jquery, etc.



A Tech and Innovation Firm that offers a digital space for co-workers and teams. A digital firm that specializes in providing tech solutions to businesses, NGOs, Government organizations and Individual brands.

This site was built using PHP and MySQL as the backend. Frontend is done using HTML5, and animation is done using jQuery, and CSS.



I am available anytime to solve your problems!

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